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United States
I've been drawing all of my life and I do all of my work by hand, currenly. I have very little experiance with any kind of computer graphics. So, if you're interested in recoloring any of my works, just be sure to gve credit for the line art and send me a copy, of course.
I'm 21 and been married to the love of my life since 2008. I am a HUGE Harry Potter universe Fangirl (and in Slytherin, of course) but I try to stay away from doing the fan art, lest I get stuck on it.
I'm hashing out my own original story that I aspire to wone day publish ( though, you'd never guess by how choppy this bio is! lol)
I love to read; some of my other favorite series include The Meredith Gentry Series, the Sword of Truth series, and most Manga... except things like Marmalade Boy :P I hated that series... except whe they put him in that dress! lol but I digress. My favorite subjects of study are Biology, Psychology, Mathmatics, and Occult studies.
As far as music, I'll listen to anything, only in small doses, though... and incase you couldn't tell, I'm a terrible speller.
And that's all I think I'll share on here.... Other than don't be afraid to befriend me :D

Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga and Cartooning
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: Too many!
The other day I finally bought a webcam for the desktop!  Now I get to talk to my husband, who's deployed to Afganistan, and see him on Skype, and he can do the same.  It takes a lot of the stress of being here alone and even more off the stress of having to worry about if he's safe or not.  The 78 bucks I spent on the camera?  So totally worth it.
      I'm still continueing on my "cafe" Series with my OCs, and slowly developing them into workable characters.  Right now I've been stuck on my Lucifer character...  I don't know if I want to make him a cool collected buisness man of evil, or absolutely batshit insane...  both are uber appealing to me...  I am indeed following demonology for my story, and Lucifer is the Father of my main character...  Another thing about Lucifer, I'm not sure if I should stick to the traditional image of a blonde angel, or go off the curve and make him more dark with black hair and purple and blue eyes... So you all see why he gives me so much trouble and why he's not finished... the line art is done, though, and I can say I he's better than the last one in the series... I also suppose that eventually I'll have to make up character profile pages >.<  everystory I've tried to do has always had 2 pitfalls... finding an opening scene and the creation of the character profiles.
    If anyone is interested in helping me (I am by no means a great creative writter anymore, I haven't written since my junior year in high school)  with bouncing ideas and such, please just let me know.  You have no idea how much your help would be appreciated as all my friends are just as much a dead fish with opening scenes as I am T-T.

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